Let's continue studying Estonian (basic level), level A1.3 - A2.2

This course is intended for those whose Estonian level is at least A1.3. You know the basics of the Estonian language.


The grammar topics of the course are e.g. adjectives and adverbs, numerals, location cases, forming plural partitive, conditional, passive and case government.


By the end of the course your vocabulary has expanded and you will be able to talk in more detail about yourself and your family. You can also talk about your work and hobbies. Other topics covered in the lessons include health, shopping, transactions at the agency and education.

In basic level classes we have a lot more speaking exercises than in the beginners course. You will also get to write some short texts.

Classes are held in Estonian and Finnish.

📚Textbook: Meie keelesild / teacher's materials

We will study the chapters 10–8 of the textbook. 

New small group course for Finnish speakers starts 29.9.2022. Every Thursday at 13 - 14 p.m.

Classes for non-Finns are held in English and Estonian. We will use a textbook E nagu Eesti / chapters 9 - 16.