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Enrollment. Payment. Terms
You can make a reservation to my private classes through the appointment system. You will always receive a confirmation of your reservation to your e-mail.



Small group classes can be bought from the online shop. Payment is made in the online shop and you will receive a receipt to your e-mail. Our meetings are always once a week and Google Meet invitation will be sent to your e-mail before our first class.

Private classes

Select the private class in the time reservation system, after that you will see a calendar. By clicking a certain day of the calendar you will see the available times and can make a reservation. Private classes are paid by invoice (online banking, PayPal) which will be sent to your e-mail after our meeting. The number of private classes will be agreed upon during our first meeting or in the trial class. Therefore, you don’t need to know in advance how many classes you would like to take. 


It is also possible to agree separately on a specific time to meet. In that case you don't need to reserve a new time in the appointment system

Private lessons can be paid in installments as well. It will be agreed separately. 

I teach between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Helsinki time). 

Occasionally there are available times also on the weekends. 


Please remember to cancel your appointment at least 3 hourse before the meeting starts through the appointment system, by sending us an e-mail to or by calling +358400530099. 

Office hourse are from 8.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m. During the office hours you can also make a call to me. 

Language course enrollment is binding and we do not refund any payments. We only refund the payment if you have a certificate that proves you are not able to attend the class. Alternatively you can use your payment to our other services. We will only make the refund if the group course won't take place due to lack of students.

We do not have any extra classes due to possible absence of a student either.


Also note that if you have bought a package of individual classes, it has to be used within 6 months. After that it will be invalid and you need to buy new classes.