Advanced Estonian (intermediate), level A2.2 - B2

As the name of the course already says, you have already taken the basic level level course and can speak Estonian quite fluently.


You will be given more challenges in this course for sure. In the course we talk a lot and study more difficult grammatical structures.

The grammar topics of the course are e.g. case government, pronouns, plural forms, participles and conjugations.


By the end of the course you will be able to use the language independently in everyday situations. You can also express yourself by using slightly more complex sentences and words.

Topics covered in the course include work, health, nature, transport, services and politics.

Classes are held in Estonian.

📚Textbook: K nagu Kihnu / teacher's materials

We will study the capters 1–7 of the textbook. 

New small group course for Finnish speakers starts 20.9.2022. Every Tuesday at 14 - 15 p.m. 

Classes for non-Finns are held in English and Estonian. We will use a textbook E nagu Eesti / chapters 17 - 25.