How do I teach you?

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There is nothing better than attending a language meeting from the comfort of your home. Flexible timetables for private classes come as bonus. All you need is yourself and a computer with internet connection.

Private classes

Private classes focus on the topics that are most actual for you. So 45 minutes with me are really helpful! You will receive personal guidance and support as well as more feedback.

A more detailed number of private lessons can be discussed during a free trial class or our first meeting. The schedule for private lessons is very flexible. We can meet weekly or even monthly - you decide! We can also use the materials that you find the most suitable for you. I take notes during our meetings and send them to you. 

Private lessons are a great option, for example, if you need coaching for the YKI test or want to decide yourself what you would like me to teach you.


Meetings are online. If you take private lessons and live in Turku or the Turku region, you are warmly welcome to my office if you wish to have face-to-face meetings.

Book your class here.


Small group classes

If you are considering small group teaching with me, please note that my courses are quite intensive. You will also get homework after our meetings. Meetings are held on Google Meet once a week and the length of a meeting is 60 minutes. 

All motivated people are warmly welcome to study a language with me! I hope you also practice between lessons to get the most out of my lessons. I will do my best to help you by giving you additional materials and answering additional questions between meetings.

If you need coaching for the YKI test, I warmly recommend pivate lessons as small group usually proceeds according to a certain plan. Small group classes are always like a game we play together and it also requires you to be more flexible. 


New small group classes (max 10 people per group) usually meet in autumn and spring. However, there might be some other times we have new courses coming up. Information about it will be put on the website. 

Finnish language group courses usually meet 10 times and Estonian language groups 12 times.

You will find more exact information about levels and courses here (Finnish) or here (Estonian)

Small group teaching will only be arranged if at least 5 people register for the course.


 What kind of teacher am I?

Above all, I am open and flexible. As a teacher, I am accurate and pay a lot of attention to proper grammar. I also consider speaking about daily topics and grammar to be really important, you will get to practice these a lot in my classes. My courses are always easy-going and you can always be as you are. It is important to me that you will get a good feeling and new knowledge about the language from the meetings with me. 

How does it work? 

✔︎my lessons are tailored to your needs

✔︎I will explain the grammar rules to you and give practical examples of them

✔︎we read and translate different texts

✔︎we talk a lot

✔︎we listen to podcasts and watch videos

✔︎I will provide you with additional materials to support your language studies

✔︎you can also contact me between the classes - you will get full support from me on your language journey

✔︎I take notes on Google Docs that I will send to you after our meetings