Get to know Estonian, let's get started! (beginners), level A0 - A1.3

This course is intended for beginners and you do not need to have any previous knowledge of the Estonian language.


The grammar topics of the course are e.g. question words, -da- and -ma- infinitives, cases, forming genitive and partitive cases, past tense, past perfect and present perfect, plural genitive and forming the illative case. 


By the end of the course you will be able to talk about general things about yourself, family, the weather, home, food and travelling.

In the classes we focus on building a strong foundation to your Estonian skills. We pay a lot of attention to grammar and start talking little by little.

📚Textbook: Meie keelesild / teacher's materials

We will study chapters 1–9 of the textbook. 

Classes are held in Finnish. 

New small group course for Finnish speakers starts 23.9.2022. On Fridays at 14 - 15. 

Classes for non-Finns are held in English. We will use a textbook E nagu Eesti / chapters 1 - 8.