Finnish from level A2.2 to B2

10 meetings on Google Meet

The next small group class starts 28.9.2022.
Every Wednesday at 13.30 - 14.30 Finnish time. 

To whom?

The course starts from the level A2.2.

You can speak Finnish already quite fluently before attending this course. 

What do we study?

You will definitely get more challenges from this course. In this course we speak a lot and learn more difficult grammatical structures. 

The grammar topics are e.g. comparison of adjectives, essive and translative, transitive and intransitive verbs, conditional, the past tenses of passive, shortened clauses and participles. 

What can you talk about after the course?

You will be able to use the language independently in different daily situations. You will express yourself using more complex sentences and words. 

You can talk about residence, working life, immigration, career, illnesses, insurances, Finnish history. You can express and explain your opinions. 

Classes are held in Finnish. 


Teacher's materials

Book: No niin! 2 (as additional material)

We will go through the chapters 6 - 10. 

You can enroll to the course by buying it from the online shop or by sending an e-mail to